Based on Japanese traditional ceramic design and production methods, Kato Akira Shoten has moved into a new era in conjunction with the rapid expansion of interest in Japanese cuisine worldwide. With extensive networks in the ceramics and food industries in Japan and internationally, Kato Akira Shoten is constantly revising and reviewing our approach to ceramic design.


Our ceramic design philosophy has three components: the ceramics must act as functional items of use, they are objects to be appreciated in and of themselves, and they enhance, but do not overpower, the food presented. In short, the ceramics must serve, support and supplement the main ingredient; the creations of the chef.


Kato Akira Shoten's reputation is constantly reinforced by the fact that you can find our ceramics in a wide range of the highest quality restaurants, from avant-garde new cuisine to the most traditional of long-established Japanese restaurants.

社長 加藤晃 からのメッセージ

Thanks to your support, Kato Akira Shoten entered our 23rd year of business this year. It has not always been a smooth ride to where we are today, but I am thrilled that we continue to build our reputation by constantly thinking of our customer's needs. I truly thank everyone for their support so far and look forward to working with you in the years to come.

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>President Akira Kato

In addition to the domestic Japan market, we are selling to select markets overseas. Going forward, I would like to broaden my scope and bring these spectacular Japanese ceramics to people all over the world.


As the cross-cultural impact is felt in the food industry, with a blending of ingredients, styles and approaches from around the world, the challenge for us is to continue to develop the most attractive and functional ceramics, striving to compliment the fascinating and exquisite dishes the chefs present before us.

Director Akira Kato

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